Self-Love is an Inside Job

Self Love is Truly An Inside Job 🧠

It’s easy to say “I love myself” when things in life are going quote on quote “well” but what happens when you make a mistake or a bad decision or you stop going to the gym or you yell at your kids or….the list goes on ✍️

Loving yourself and getting curious about yourself when things don’t go the way you wanted them to go and loving yourself when you’re disappointed in yourself is the truest form of self 💗 love.

We think that if we beat ourselves up enough we’ll change but I promise (trust me) that’s not how it works!

When we beat ourselves up it feels terrible and we feel shame and doubt in ourselves which leads us away from what we truly desire in life.

When we LOVE ourselves thru the difficult times, we get to FEEL love and that moves us towards what we really desire.

There’s absolutely no downside in loving on yourself and if even the thought of showing yourself some compassion and love is hard for you…this message is for you💗

I do not fix my problems. I fix my thinking. Then the problems fix themselves.