Sweet Vs. Savory

One of the best things you can do for your body is to replace your sugary and sweet 1st meal of the day with a savory meal full of fiber, protein, and healthy fat.


  • CRAVINGS – when we start the day with sugar we tend to crave it all day.
  • HUNGER – sweet meals set us up to be hungry 1-2 hours later.
  • INSULIN – this savory meal keeps insulin low… which we want! (Insulin is a fat storing hormone)
  • ENERGY – with sweet meals we tend to have that sugar crash like 2 hours later-then we tend to reach for more sugar to lift our energy back up. Avoid the crash with this meal.


Grab a bowl (I love everything in a bowl😄)

Eggs (the way you like them)

Sauté some Peppers & Onions and add spinach in at the end.

Sweet potatoes-I like to cut up in squares and toss with avocado oil and seasoning and throw in the air fryer. This is a great step to do ahead of time and use them as you need them.

2nd Protein option: Bacon, sausage, etc (you choose or optional)

Now throw it all in a bowl and top with avocado and hot sauce (unless hot sauce isn’t your jam).

Now you’re probably asking yourself, how do I do this if I’m working in the office and I eat my first meal at 10 or 11? One tip is that all this could be made ahead of time. You can totally make eggs in the microwave too…If you don’t like eating eggs recooked in the microwave – use boiled eggs but it’s possible!

Which are you: Sweet… or Savory?!