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I'm a Certified Trauma Informed- Integrative Life Coach. I am passionate about helping you LIBERATE yourself from past traumas, food, self-criticism, disempowering belief systems, negative habit patterns, and anything keeping you from the life you want.  Together we get to the root cause of what is stopping you from creating the life you want. I believe every woman deserves to live a life their child self never thought possible. I want that for you and I'm so glad you're here!

I've walked through darkness and have gotten in my own way too many times to count. I've survived childhood sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, failed relationships, parent/child estrangement, and a two decade long battle with emotional and binge eating. For most of my life I ignored "the work" and the price I paid was more suffering. 

My mission is to help women move from surviving to thriving. You don't have to do it alone and it doesn't matter how long you've ignored "the work"-- It's never too late to heal.

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"Nina’s warm, caring, and friendly nature really helps me to feel comfortable talking about personal things. She has a genuine interest in helping me to expose thought patterns that aren’t serving me. Working with her is like talking to a friend who wants to help me, but in a much more constructive and helpful way that leads me to new insights and has a meaningful impact in my life. Nina is an excellent coach and I can not recommend her highly enough!


"I highly recommend Nina as a Life Coach! I’ve had anxiety issues for years and Nina taught me to use my brain to deal with them. I had a really bad episode one night and was able to use the technique she taught me to calm myself down. Before Nina’s help, I used to make it worse by the way my mind was thinking about it… with her help, I am able to get through it, by just remembering what she taught me about the brain and how it works. I can’t thank Nina enough for all the help she has given to me! 


"I really appreciate how Nina understood what I was going through and never shamed me for it. Knowing that Nina had gone through the steps and being able to see that it had worked for her, really helped motivate me and made me more comfortable throughout the process! It was also really great to build better habits rather than just trying another diet!"


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