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Unconscious Mind Habit Re-wiring and
Re-Programming (Visualization Techniques)

Breathework &
 Nervous System Regulation Tools

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Inner Child & Parts Work 

Somatic Work & Emotional Release 

Human Behavior and the Mindset Model

Woman Liberated is a completely Personalized 6-month Private Coaching Experience. Each session includes (but not limited to):


Heal, Transform, and Liberate yourself from your past whether it's in one area of your life such as your weight or career or all areas of your life. This experience is tailored to your individual needs and desires:

Features include:
✔   Weekly Private Sessions x 6 Months
✔   Unlimited written support
✔   Personalized Coaching

6 Month Woman Liberated Private Coaching Experience

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"I really appreciate how Nina understood what I was going through and never shamed me for it. Knowing that Nina had gone through the steps and being able to see that it had worked for her, really helped motivate me and made me more comfortable throughout the process! It was also really great to build better habits rather than just trying another diet!"


"Nina’s warm, caring, and friendly nature really helps me to feel comfortable talking about personal things. She has a genuine interest in helping me to expose thought patterns that aren’t serving me. Working with her is like talking to a friend who wants to help me, but in a much more constructive and helpful way that leads me to new insights and has a meaningful impact in my life. Nina is an excellent coach and I can not recommend her highly enough!